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KHQ Group Quilt: About the Garden Path, 1991
75" x 100"

When a former member of Kingston Heirloom Quilters was forced by failing eyesight to give up quilting, she donated a stack of U.F.O.'s (Unfinished Objects) to our group. Amongst these were a number of Grandmother's Flower Garden blocks, worked in the same manner, and probably from the same era, as Kingston Heirloom Quilter's first quilt. These, both blocks and quilt, had been sewn using the English paper piecing method Since many of our members had not had the benefit of that experience it seemed a good idea to use these blocks as a basis for another Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt.

Our Director, Diane Berry, was given the task of coordinating this project. We made extra blocks from multicoloured hexagonal pieces, basted over paper templates, then whipped together along their edges. This method kept the blocks uniform and accurate. All piecing was done by hand.

The blocks were then laid out, arranged and rearranged in an attempt to achieve colour balance. With so many colours we needed a fairly strong connecting link. Diane wanted to create an unusual arrangement and finally came up with our "About the Garden Path".

The design was worked out on graph paper in order to determine how many hexagons would be needed for the pathway and how many plain muslin ones must be made to fill in the background. Clusters of flowers were placed in the corners with a variety of green hexagons serving as leaves.

The dark rose fabric to simulate the red brink pathway that meanders through our garden was found in Cornwall, while we were en route to a Quilt Show in Montreal. A lighter rose running along the outer edge of the path gives the work a bit of dazzle and softens the transition into the corners. A dark rose border, bound with the same fabric, matches the pathway and ties it all together.

About the Garden Path was on the frame at Kingston Heirloom Quilter's Festival of Quilts II. It was raffled in aid of Rideaucrest and drawn for in January of 1992. It was won by a husband of the Kingston Heirloom Quilters member.

For a more detailed picture, click on quilt.

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